Mitchells Dyslexia Facility Services


Dyslexia Assessments

Assessments to establish the severity of dyslexia can be undertaken and a variety of multi-sensory tests conducted over a two-hour period. A written report and/or letter detailing the findings will be given after the assessment.

Colour Analysis

A series of coloured overlays are used to establish a suitable colour to utilise on everyday written material. The results are often effective and dynamic. The reading tests used are suitable for all abilities and can be undertaken manually. The use of different coloured writing paper can be suggested and also instructions given on how to change the colour of your computer screen to ease reading and for general use.


For an all-encompassing option, the services of a professional opthalmologist can be sought. An in-house service is available.


One-to-one tuition in a variety of subjects can be undertaken. Specialist assistance and practical advice can also aid the student with learning difficulties and/or dyslexia. Tuition can be given to assist all ages and for all examining bodies, and to meet specific curriculum criteria. Days and times can be arranged in advance and durations suitable to accommodate individual learning capabilities.